Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 Is The Leading Speech-Recognition Software Available Today And It's Changing The Way Physicians Practice Medicine For The Better. 

By increasing efficiency, streamlining workflows, and hastening reimbursements, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 has something for most members of your medical practice, from physicians to administrators to support staff. Spend more time with your patients, providing quality patient care, and less time in front of a computer, inputting notes and client information, using the best in speech-recognition software today, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.


Enhanced Features Of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Dictate fully HIPAA-compliant patient records, assessments, treatment plans, and notes on the go, even using your iPhone or Android device, and upload them from anywhere, including from a computer that doesn't have the software

Customization options, like custom macros and templates, save you time and give you the freedom to create shortcuts for the words and phrases you say the most

Includes over 90 specialty and sub-specialty medical vocabularies with regional accent support so it can be used by a wide variety of medical practitioners all over the world

The software can recognize poor input quality, diagnose the problem, and provide you with solutions to resolve the issue